Mom Came to Visit

Skyler’s Mom took the day off from work to visit Skyler at the NICU in Oklahoma. It was a good visit. Skyler is already 6 lbs and 1 oz and doing well with her continuous feeds of 15 ml per hour. Now that she is able to tolerate full feeds, she is all set to be discharged and return to her NICU in Arkansas. (more…)

Happy to See Eggbert!

It’s been almost two weeks since Skyler was taken to Oklahoma for her surgery. It was difficult for us to leave her yesterday because we won’t be able to visit her for the next five days (we need to return to work back in Arkansas). Though it’s not all sad for us, Skyler is recovering really well and before we left the NICU she even played with us!


Our dear baby Skyler, hello darling baby, your cousin Niccol and I are looking at your pictures now, you are so cute and adorable. We would like to hug and kiss you but we are so far away from you. But even though, always remember that we love you so much and that you are always in our thoughts. Take care our darling angel, Jesus is always by your side and making you well. We love you always!
- by Aunt Vivian

Routine in the NICU

Skyler is still at the NICU in Oklahoma recovering from her g-tube and fundoplication surgery. Even though she’s been in the NICU since she was born, we can still participate in her care. Every four hours we like to help in changing her diapers, taking her temperature, changing/removing her hand and foot splints and giving her hands, feet & legs a nice massage with some stretching. (more…)

Skyler’s Moment with Her Grandpa

It’s been a five days since Skyler had her g-tube surgery, yet you can see how fast she recovered. Having family and friends who continuously support and pray for Skyler definitely helps. Speaking of family, Skyler’s Grandpa traveled nine hours to see our little angel. In this video, you’ll see how Skyler is very relaxed while her Grandpa strokes her head.


Thank you so much for sharing Skyler`s story and her life through her website. She is the love of my life and I thank God every day for her, and that you are her parents. She has already amazed us more than once in her short life, and I know she will teach us more about love and life than we ever imagined...I love you sweet Skyler.
- by Grandma Sue

Our Little Angel Smiles

This video was taken just two days after Skyler’s g-tube and fundoplication surgery. Due to Skyler’s frequent muscle spasticity and seizures it’s very rare to see her smile. We were very lucky to finally catch her smiling and fortunate to be able to share it to the world.


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After Skyler’s Surgery

Because of Skyler’s lissencephaly, she is at high risk of asphyxiation.  To minimize the risk and also help with her reflux,  Skyler got her g-tube and fundoplication surgery at five weeks old.