Skyler’s Moment with Her Grandpa

It’s been a five days since Skyler had her g-tube surgery, yet you can see how fast she recovered. Having family and friends who continuously support and pray for Skyler definitely helps. Speaking of family, Skyler’s Grandpa traveled nine hours to see our little angel. In this video, you’ll see how Skyler is very relaxed while her Grandpa strokes her head.

Due to Skyler’s disorder (lissencephaly), she has frequent muscle spasms and seizures. We often apply firm but gentle pressure on her shoulders to calm her down. But we also discovered she likes having her head stroked gently. It doesn’t completely stop the spasms or seizures, but stroking her head relaxes her and the spasms are milder.



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  1. Roxane Beeman

    April 13, 2012 at 2:52 pm

    This video touched me very much. Skyler’s smile when her Grandpa was rubbing her head was so awesome. She certainly is a little angel. I’m the sister to Grandpa Joe’s friend, Teri, and have been keeping up with Skyler’s progress. I send my prayers to all of you. She certainly is very precious.

    Roxy Beeman

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