Birthday Letter from Grandma

Birthday Letter from Grandma

Today March 13, 2013,  is Skyler’s 10th month Angelversary. During this time, it’s always nice to look back and remind ourselves of the great things Skyler did for us. One of our greatest reminder is this beautiful letter written by Skyler’s Grandma Sue on her 1st birthday (February 9, 2013). We hope you can also find comfort through Grandma Sue’s words, especially to all other grieving families of angels out there.


February 9, 2013


My dear sweet Skyler Sue,


Today was your first birthday. I miss you so much, but I know you celebrated your birthday with all the other little babies who are angels like you. I can see you smiling and playing, and I know you are okay.


I spent today with you, too. I will never forget the first time I saw you – it was truly love at first sight. You were so tiny and getting used to the outside world was difficult. When the nurses told us you were having seizures, I just wanted to hold you close and let you feel the love that was already flooding my heart and soul for you, but you needed more than Grandma’s love on your first night. I will be forever grateful for the wonderful care you received from the doctors and nurses from the day you were born until the night you became one of God’s true angels.


Thinking back, I can’t believe a whole year has already passed since the day you were born. All I know for sure is that you changed me, you changed my heart forever, and I will never be the same. When I am sad or lonely, or had a rough day, or missing you so much that I can hardly stand it, all I have to do is close my eyes and you are there. Sometimes, I can almost feel myself holding you and cuddling you. Those times, first with your Daddy when he was a baby and then with you, were the best times of my life. I breathe you in and your sweet spirit heals me when nothing else can. I know God’s love because of you.


A few weeks ago, we had the most beautiful double rainbows and I thought of you. Now, all thoughts of goodness and beauty in the world take me to you, and I know without a doubt that you were one of God’s most perfect creatures because your purpose was pure love – to love and be loved.


I will forever miss your physical presence, my sweet Skyler Sue, but you are my heart now and your spirit lives in me in every waking moment. I am so incredibly blessed that I was chosen to be your Grandma. Our lives are forever intertwined and inseparable. I love knowing that; it brings peace and joy that I never knew before you came into my life.


So today was another blessing you gave me. Your birthday reminded me that every moment of your life was a celebration of love; and that your journey did not end when you became an angel. In fact, you are so full of God’s love that I cannot wait for the next time you come and let us know you are near…


>> Like the time when Mommy and Daddy could smell your baby lotion in Mommy’s office where you had never been;


>> Like the time Mommy and I were having dinner and one of your songs started playing in the restaurant;


>> Like the time your Great Aunt Marcia woke from a sweet dream about you and felt your fingers skip across her forehead;


>> Like when we come to visit you at your grave and the model airplanes are flying nearby…seeing you in your aviator hat isn’t so painful now… we can smile and see you there, too;


>> And like today, when Mommy, Daddy and I all came at the same time, without planning it, to visit you at your grave and to sing you Happy Birthday.


Tonight at dinner, Mommy, Daddy and I made a pledge to always celebrate your birthday together. You will be there, too – always.


And so, my sweet baby girl, thank you from the bottom of my heart, from every fiber of my being. In the three months and four days we were blessed to hold you and love you, you gave us a lifetime of memories and a certainty that God’s goodness and mercy shall follow us all the days of our lives… because of you.


Your first year was just the beginning; I know as sure as I have ever known anything, that our journey together will be the greatest joy of my life.


Rest now, sweet angel Skyler Sue, until next time…


All my love,


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