Skyler is born with puffy swollen face, she is one upset baby.
Skyler is born and visited by her no. 1 fan - Grandma Sue
Skyler and her cute name tag made by nurse Stacy
Skyler's foot splints, to correct her feet's bone structure.
Skyler is a true miracle baby. Every moment with her is a blessing.
Sunday afternoon, Skyler is caught praying
Nurse Julie from AR NICU made Skyler a cute spring name tag.
Skyler one month old, wearing her birthday ribbon
Skyler's cradle time with Mom.
Holding on to Dad before leaving AR NICU
Holding on to Mom before leaving AR NICU
Dad and Mom holding me before NICU transfer
Skyler's moment with Dad.
Enjoying my time with Dad before surgery.
After g-tube and fundoplication surgery
A little smile before Skyler goes to sleep
Skyler is getting sleepy...
Yawning without tubes in my mouth is so much better!
Puffy face Skyler due to loads of IV
Grandpa stroking Skyler's head
Pink hat from her NICU
Skyler holding her Mom's hand
Skyler receiving a head massage from her Mom
Skyler working on her pacifier
Skyler with her flower hat
It's time for new diapers!
There's something about Eggbert...
Pretty Skyler during her Mom's quick visit.
Skyer being classy for a moment
Snoozing soundly on her way home to Arkansas
A work of art for Skyler, by talented nurse Becki
Skyler enjoying her musical hippo
Skyler playing with her new friends
Skyler's little kingdom, featuring Patrick Star as second in command
New carrot hat for my first Easter
Skyler is mesmerized by her mobile
Skyler enjoying her bath
Skyler wearing a St. Louis Cardinals onesie  from her Grandpa
Skyler staring at her other favorite toy, mini Patrick Star
Enjoying the sunshine and fresh air by the rose bed
Skyler being baptized in the ER
Feet of an Angel
Holding Mom while fighting for her life
Passing away in Mom's loving arms
Proud parents of a beautiful angel
Skyler Sue passed away at sunset on May 13, 2012