Sweet Baby Skyler, My heart is singing knowing you are home!! Sleep, grow and be comforted in the loving arms of your parents.
- by Great Auntie Lorna
Our dear baby Skyler, hello darling baby, your cousin Niccol and I are looking at your pictures now, you are so cute and adorable. We would like to hug and kiss you but we are so far away from you. But even though, always remember that we love you so much and that you are always in our thoughts. Take care our darling angel, Jesus is always by your side and making you well. We love you always!
- by Aunt Vivian
Thank you so much for sharing Skyler`s story and her life through her website. She is the love of my life and I thank God every day for her, and that you are her parents. She has already amazed us more than once in her short life, and I know she will teach us more about love and life than we ever imagined...I love you sweet Skyler.
- by Grandma Sue