Happy 3rd Month Skyler!

Skyler is now three months old! With all the things we went through since Skyler was born, it’s hard to believe it was only three months. But at the same time, it seems like Skyler is growing fast right before our very eyes.  Her feed is now at 23 ml/hr and three days ago she weighed at 8 lbs and 2 oz.

Maya meets Skyler

Lily and Skyler

Skyler enjoying the sun and fresh air

On Skyler’s 3rd month birthday, Mom decided it’s time for her to meet her two  sisters – Maya and Lily. For extra precaution, Skyler is secured in her travel system – this way the dogs can’t get too close to accidentally hurt her (our dogs can get excited, sometimes they jump on things to express their joy). It’s funny how both dogs reacted and how they are very different. Maya was very interested and sniffed Skyler like crazy, she got too close to almost kissing her. Lily however  is such a funny dog, regardless how many times she is  pointed to Skyler, she seem more interested in the stroller than her baby sister.


After meeting her sisters, Skyler is wheeled out to our front porch. Since Skyler is attached to her feeding pump and apnea monitor 24/7, she rarely leaves her room (unless she is going out for a doctors visit). Seeing her sleeping and relaxed by our flower bed was very rewarding to see (not counting how cute she looks in her new aviator hat). Hopefully when she have a stronger immune system and doing bolus feeds, she can be out more often to get some sunshine and fresh air.


Featured Video: This video is taken a couple of days before Skyler’s 3rd month birthday. Skyler still doesn’t cry or make much noise, but she does this amusing grunting sound. We’re still unsure what this grunts usually mean, but any noise from Skyler is very encouraging (we’re hopeful she will eventually develop the ability to articulate some sounds).

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