Describing the Face of an Angel

If you need to describe an angel’s face, you don’t need to write a description, all you need is a link to this video.


Mom just found this “gold” in our huge archive of unpublished videos. This video was taken one week after Skyler’s gastrostomy surgery (3/20/12).


Somehow Mom thinks Skyler’s spirit guided her to create this video. The audio in this video is called “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring by Bach“. We originally didn’t know the title of this song, we just heard this song because of a Music CD we played during Skyler’s early NICU days.


Just a week after Skyler Sue passed away, we went to church and heard this song randomly played – it instantly reminded us of Skyler (and we still didn’t know the title of this song). And today, while Mom was working on converting this video, she decided to add music to it. The first music she clicked in her audio library was this song. The title was so fitting and it also matches the exact length of this clip.


Skyler Sue is really amazing, she always finds a way to communicate with us. And again, she made us aware that she is ALWAYS with us.

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