2nd Month Birthday

Skyler celebrated her 2nd month birthday on April 9th, the day after Easter. Mom entered her name in a raffle drawing at a local restaurant and it appears that Skyler is a good luck charm. The next day, Mom got a call from the restaurant and said that Skyler won the main prize — which is a giant 4 foot bunny. Honey Bunny was her Easter/Birthday present and the new resident in her little kingdom.

Saturday was the first time Skyler was able to meet her Great Grandpa and we know it was a thrill for both of them. Great Grandma also does a nice job of keeping us well stocked with diapers on a weekly basis, so we’ll always be grateful for that. Skyler also received a package of clothes (which we’ve put to good use already) from her Great Uncle Bill in Illinois…the same Uncle Bill that we think she resembles in some of her post-surgery photos.


Skyler lounging in front of her new friend - Honey Bunny
Skyler’s new friend and prize - Honey Bunny

Lastly, the Home Health nurse stops by the house a couple times each week to weigh Skyler and last week she was 6 lbs & 7 oz, but this week she weighed in at 6 lbs & 11 oz. So she’s creeping up towards the 7 lb mark which is very encouraging to us since we’ve always known that weight gain could be a bit of a struggle for her. Even if it’s just a little bit at a time, it is still progress.



Featured Video:

This was taken Easter morning (before Mom got a call that Skyler won a giant bunny). Skyler’s mom was trying to stimulate Skyler by playing with her colorful beanie babies – Patrick Star and Eggbert. The entire video was 12 minutes long, but we edited it to show the priceless moment when  Skyler smiled again!

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  1. Don Pendergraft

    April 12, 2012 at 1:57 pm

    Precious! And wow, that’s one big bunny! :)

  2. admin

    April 12, 2012 at 2:22 pm

    Yeah it is huge! Our older dog – Maya – is scared of it.

  3. wal

    April 15, 2012 at 6:23 pm

    happy birthday baby skyler!!! we love you!!!

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