New Life In Skyler’s Garden

Hanging plant where the birds made their nest It’s been a little over two months now since our little angel passed away. Whenever we think of her, we remind ourselves of the great things Skyler taught us. She taught us to live everyday like it is our last, not waste a moment with those we love and appreciate all the things we have in life. And every day around us, we see little reminders of Skyler, including her beautiful little garden. Her garden continuously blooms and attracts wildlife.


Birds nest with two eggs


Skyler’s garden attracted so many birds, that two weeks ago, we discovered this beautiful nest in one of our hanging plants. Inside the nest were two eggs. We later discovered the birds that made this nest were purple finches.


Birds nest with five eggs

We made sure to be extra careful in watering the hanging plants. We also avoid walking through our front porch, so we don’t scare away the Mama bird. And a week after, we checked again to see three more eggs (five total).


And just three days ago, two eggs are already hatched. And yesterday, two more eggs hatched!


Birds nest with four newly hatched chicks

This is the first time we ever had a bird’s nest around our home. This is such a great blessing, and we can’t help but think of Skyler’s spirit attracting all these beautiful things, from endless blooms to new life in our yard.


Featured video: We took this video of Skyler last April 28, 2012, (wearing the Cardinals outfit her Grandpa Joe gave her). After taking a series of photos, Mom turned on the “nature sound feature” of her chair. Skyler was so focused on the birds hanging from her chair, almost seems like she knows this is the sound of birds chirping.


Latest update: All eggs are hatched, Dad took a short clip of  the baby finches, check it out here.


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