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It’s been a week since Skyler came home and we’ve been so busy caring for her that we haven’t had much free time to update the blog, until now.


So far things are going very well. Our little princess is such an angel and doesn’t fuss too much. The only challenge for us is keeping up with her scheduled medications and continuous feeds. We did encounter a huge hurdle a few days ago from acquiring her supply of enteral feeding bags. The bags were supposed to be sent via UPS straight to our home, but for some reason, they were never shipped. Luckily Skyler’s case manager from her first NICU was able to help us get 20 days worth of bags until our insurance company takes care of the problem…hopefully sooner than later.

It’s also taken a few days to adjust to our new sleeping (or lack of) habits. Though we suppose every new parent goes through this kind of exhaustion, so it’s no big deal. We’ve both fixed our work schedules to allow one of us to always be at home with Skyler. This way she will always stay on the same routine for her medication, feedings, bath time and diaper changes. It also helps to know that when one of us isn’t home, the other one is taking care of her. With her condition we just can’t take her to any daycare or leave her alone with anyone, so taking care of her ourselves is the best option.


Every day we’ve tried a few different things with her to see what she can tolerate & enjoy. She doesn’t seem to like laying flat in her crib that often and when she does fuss, it’s in that position. So we’ve tried sitting Skyler up in this large pillow called the Boppy that her Grandma bought her and so far she really likes that. But what she loves the most is sitting in her bouncy chair that her mom received as a baby shower gift. Every time she’s in this chair she will just sit & sleep peacefully for several hours.


Anyway, so far it’s been great having our little girl home with us and we look forward to spending a lot of time with her, keeping her comfortable, healthy, safe and just giving her the best home we possibly can.

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  1. Yolanda Valencia

    April 9, 2012 at 1:27 am

    My sweet Skyler,

    You are so fantastic with all your toys in your cute crib. My only wish is to be with you and help your parents care for you. Skyler you are all that matters to us now. My loving kisses to you. I thank the good Lord that you are getting stronger everyday. God bless you!

    Grandma Yoly

  2. Don Pendergraft

    April 9, 2012 at 5:02 pm

    I’m so glad she is home! How awesome and amazing. I hope you all had a great Easter. :)

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